Do you want an electronics tutor?

Well, of course you do. You are a student or any person  who just loves electronics. You find electronics very interesting, and you want to learn more about it. May be for some of you it might not be that interesting. You are here to quick fix your problems and happily go back to your routine life. Or may be you are not getting a concept right and want someone to give you a dedicated time to help you learn the concept. 

There are a lot of possible situations. The bottom line is, if you are looking for a tutor then you are in the right place. Congrates!

For me electronics is and will always be fun.

There are many sources you can learn electronics. But you find no source is teaching you the way you want it. It is not solving the problems you are facing. I know and can feel your situation, as I went through all of these situations myself. I learned it too the hard way. You will learn it too if you stay focused and never give up.

Teaching you electronics

Yaman Electronics offers private coaching sessions to those who would like a dedicated coaching lecture to learn electronics. Coaching is done live over Skype and can cover any topic you’d like.

The main purpose of this online electronics tutting is to give you environment where you are provided with the lecture based on your specific problems. The lecture is designed just for you so that you can get the right solutions. The lecture can be a general too, like you want an electronics teacher to give you everything he knows about the topic and you ask all the questions, coming to your mind, directly from him.

Note from your online electronics tutor (Yaman)

I, Yaman, take coaching pretty seriously. I recognize this is an expensive service, and that people only buy it if they are in real need of it. I am 100% committed to guaranteeing that you get more out of your money. You can expect that I will be prompt, I will have done my research and everything on your provided information BEFORE the online session so I don’t waste any of your time, and we’ll have helpful and actionable information. 

Right now I am offering coaching on the following topics. Don’t be panic if you don’t see the topic you are having problem, contact me first before buying any plane.

  • Basics of electronics.
  • Multimeter Basics.
  • Multimeter measurements, how to use it.
  • Diodes and diode circuits i.e. half and full wave rectifiers, clippers, clampers, voltage multipliers, and limiters etc.
  • Special purpose diodes and its applications i.e. zener diode, varactor, and power supply regulations.
  • Diode circuit problem solving.
  • Resistors and resistor circuits i.e. series and parallel, star and delta, and color coding.
  • Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) basics.
  • BJT biasing circuit i.e. voltage divider etc
  • BJT as amplifier.
  • BJT as switch.
  • BJT common amplifier configurations i.e CE, CC, and CB.
  • Transistor DC and AC analysis.
  • Transistor circuits simulation in Multisim, Pspice, and LTspice.
  • Transistors circuits problem solving.
  • Power amplifiers i.e. class A, B, C, and AB
  • Op-Amps Basics.
  • Om-Amps Circuits and Applications.
  • Op-Amps circuits problem solving.
  • RC circuits basics.
  • RLC circuits basics.
  • Capacitor basics.
  • Capacitor circuits and applications.
  • Inductor Basics, circuits, and applications.
  • Problem solving about inductor and capacitor circuits.
  • Regulators ICs basics.
  • Oscillators basics.
  • 555 timer basics and circuits.
  • All Passive Filters.
  • Understanding the decibel concept and practicing some problems.
  • Fourier Series and transform basics and problem solving.
  • JFET and MOSFETs basics and circuits.
  • DC/DC converters i.e. buck, boost, and buck boost.

Standard Plane


  • Live conversation with me.
  • 60-minute dedicated lecture via Skype.
  • We can cover as many topics, questions, or whatever you want during the allotted time.
  • Coaching/lecture will be scheduled as soon as you and I are available. Most coaching clients/students have urgent issues and I’ll do my best to meet with you ASAP.

Premium Plane


  • Live conversation with me
  • 90-minute dedicated lecture via Skype.
  • We can cover as many topics, questions, or whatever you want during the allotted time.
  • Coaching/lecture will be scheduled as soon as you and I are available. Most coaching clients/students have urgent issues and I’ll do my best to meet with you ASAP.

About Your
Electronics Tutor

Muhammad Abbas Yaman


  • BE Electronics Engineering (2016)
  • MS Electrical Engineering (2018) 


I am Yaman, hope you are having a good time. I am very happy to see you here. Your decision of learning electronics is too good, and I am excited to help you out. All you need is dedication and focus.

I cannot claim myself the most intelligent or super genius online electronics tutor who will teach you every bit of electronics. That would be wrong. All I can say, I am having fun with electronics since childhood. It is what I am very passionate about. And spend most of my time reading books about electronics, making electronics kits, designing circuits or teaching electronics to other students and friends. 

I am hopeful, you will enjoy your time with me and will learn electronics the way no one taught you before. I provide friendly environment so you can share any question and doubt with me without hesitation. Sometimes, I ask easy and difficult questions during the lecture, which students don’t like. I do it on purpose, but it is my kind a nature too. I just want to give you everything I know about a certain topic. If you don’t ask the question you should ask, I do it for you, so that you don’t miss it. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After I Purchase?

You’ll immediately download a survey that you can fill out and send to us, or a Google form to be filled. The survey simply asks for details about your topic, about your issues, about you, and the questions you have that you’d like me to answer for you.  If you don’t have specific questions but just want me to explain a specific topic, that’s perfectly fine.

After you fill out the survey (5 minutes), you’ll email it to me.  In the survey, you’ll suggest times when you’re available for the lecture.? I will respond to your email as soon as I can to confirm which of those times works for me and then we’ll be ready for learning electronics. I don’t like keeping people waiting, so I will do my best to schedule the lecture quickly.

What Is a Coaching/Lecture Like?

When you buy a plane, you’ll fill out a survey with information about you, your topic, and what you’re wanting to learn from the coaching lecture. I will read the information before the lecture and will be fully up to speed before the lecture. We’ll start the coaching lecture by asking any follow-up questions I had from the information you submitted, and then dive into your questions.

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