DIY oscillator and frequency counter


Looking for a wonderful electronics DIY to get your hands dirty on? Well, we got for you something here, the DIY kit that not only you will enjoy assembling it, but also at the end, you will get a 50Mhz frequency counter for your lab.

This DIY comes with a PIC microcontroller and five digits resolution seven-segment LED display. You can test a lot of circuits with it including crystals within the said frequency range.

The small size makes it very amazing, can be powered with used 5V USB cable that comes along with it. And last but not least you are given a quality case so that you put the product in it safely.

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DIY is always fun. You assemble everything yourself and learn a lot of stuff while doing it. It is like learning electronics by doing it. Once you are done with assembling, it is time for testing. If you followed the instructions correctly and did a great job you get quality results. And your happiness has no alternative at that very time when you test it and it works fine.

The same goes for this DIY, the frequency counter. This DIY is so fun to make, and as a reward, you get your lab a frequency counter which is a very helpful and handy tool while testing your circuits.

features of DIY oscillator and frequency counter

This DIY is neat and easy to configure. It comes with full instructions and a few components set along with every other necessary thing. It is power saving, get easily powered by USB cable. It automatically set the frequency range itself.

The following are some useful specifications of the device.

Specifications of DIY oscillator and frequency counter

How to use it?

It is so easy and simple to use. Follow the following step and you would be fine.

  • Step 1: Assemble the kit according to the instructions
  • Step 2: Connect your circuit to it, or the crystal (See the separate port for it)
  • Step 3: Push the power button, you get the results on display.



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