Multi-purpose M328 transistor tester


The multi-purpose transistor tester not only tells, “what type of component has been plugging in”, but also calculates a lot of useful parameters as well.

The best part is the automatic identification of transistor, diode, resistor, capacitor, inductor, MOS, SCR. Comes with high resolution LCD screen to make readings clear and easy.

Plug the component, push the test button and there you have all the readings about the component. And yet this amazing lab tool comes in small size, reasonable price, and shipped directly to your door steps.

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M328 transistor tester

The M328 transistor tester is a lab tool, can identify various components and automatically calculates their respective parameters. You have a transistor, the tasks are to find its pins and its Beta. To find the mentioned, plug the transistor into M328 and get the parameters on the LCD digital screen. It also tells you the type of transistor.

A transistor can be of any family, BJT or MOSFET, you will get accurate readings all the time.

Besides the transistor testing, this device can also be best used as electronics components tester. It can identify the following with high accuracy:

  • Capacitors (calculates capacitance (C), Voltage loss, and ESR)

The ESR calculation makes this guy more powerful. You can use ESR value to find out the bad capacitor on the board even without desoldering it.

  • Resistors (calculates the resistance value)
  • Diodes (including Zener and dual diodes)
  • Inductors (calculates inductance (L) and it’s internal resistance)

In summary, this device is not limited to just transistor testing, you can use it as ESR meter, and LCR meter as well. This is a complete package for your lab and can make your lab life handy and more fun.

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How to use M328?

The working of M328 is so simple. You don’t to expert or need any special guidance. Follow the following easy two steps and you will be fine.

Step 1:

The M328 transistor tester comes along with IC lock seat. First place the IC lock seat in its proper place as shown below.

Then turn on your device by pressing the power button. Select the component you want to test. Plug it into the device. Make sure your component has nice leads, else you can physically damage your tester.

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Step 2:

After you plug in your component properly, push the test button, and wait for a few seconds. And there you have all your readings on the screen.

And most importantly, don’t forget to discharge the capacitor before testing it. In another case you may burn out your tester. One last point, the tester doesn’t come with installed battery. So you have buy new 9V battery or use the old one from you lab.

m328 component tester off

Brand Name

Yaman Electronics


Yaman M328

Item Size

135 x 70 x 25mm / 5.31 * 2.76 * 0.98in

Item Weight

99g / 3.5oz



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