Multi-functional Transistor Tester TC1


The widely used choice to detect NPN and PNP transistor, capacitor, resistor, diode, triode, N-channel and P-channel MOSFET, IGBT, JFET, and triac.
Infrared waveforms, Zenor diode detection, and self-calibration make this one-button operation transistor tester the nonreplaceable device of your lab.
Put the pins of a component in the corresponding area, then dial the little handle and the detector will test it automatically, finally, the results will display on the backlight TFT screen clearly.
Not like the usual black and white display, this detector will show results in color.

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Operating Mode

as the description

Measuring Capacitance Range

as the description


as the description

Measuring Inductance Range

as the description

Operating Temperature

0 – 40 ℃

Brand Name


Measuring Resistance Range

as the description

Display Type

Digital Display

DIY Supplies


Model Number

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Measuring Voltage Range

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Measuring Current Range

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