Choosing The Best Desoldering Station [Recommendation and Guide]

Hi. Hope you all are doing very well. Just like you need a soldering station to solder your circuit components. In the same way you need a best desoldering station too, to remove the bad soldered components, or to replace a burnt one.

Sometime, it may be tricky to select a decent desoldering station as there are so many options available. One might get confused what specs he need to look at and what type of a station is best for his situation.

Well, in this post, I try my knowledge best to help you solve this tricky task, and find you the top desoldering station of high quality if you are a beginner, hobbyists or anyone into electronics.

Choosing between the hot-air rework and desoldering station

Before going into the actual topic, I think its is best to start with the difference between the hot-air rework and desoldering station.

You may wonder what are these things?

Well, these are the basic tools an electronics guy needs in his lab to proper play with electronics. You can call both of them as desoldering tools.

They both do the same job i.e. desoldering, but there are slight deferences between them.

Both accomplish relatively the same thing, but work in slightly different ways. And I want you to clearly understand these differences before actually going the rest of the article.

Following are the differences.

Hot-air rework

It is used to heat devices by blowing constant hot air and melt the solder on the PCB. It is best used when you are working with SMD components.

Now, let see where it is best used.

  • For small jobs especially when you work with old PCBs.
  • It is much faster, as it melt down a large area on the board.
  • It is very tedious, near to impossible, to desolder an IC without it.
  • It is non-contact tool, meaning it cannot damage your voltage sensitive components on the board.

The bad things about the hot-air rework are, firstly it is very expensive compare to the desoldeirng station, and secondly it is heavy and large in size.

If you are a person like me, a weak guy, then better do some body lifting before buying it. Just kidding!

Besides the bad things, you will also to be very careful with hot air. You keep it long on PCB board and you just destroy it.

Worse than that you may also harm yourself. Any ways care should be taken when using both hot-air rework or any desoldering station.

Desoldering station

You can consider it is gun which sucks the solder from the components leg once you press the trigger button.

Now, let see what makes it better from the hot air rework.

  • It gives you a more precise and accurate execution.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It costs less and is not that heavy as compared to hot-air rework

The most bad thing about this is, it is in direct contact with you components. Which means you can damage you components if you don’t play safe.

The Best Desoldering Stations

There are a lot of options available in the market. In my opinion all are decent but you can pick anyone.

Personally, I am brand guy. I first look for a brand popularity and proven track record.

If the brand has proven track record, best customer services, and product policy. I then decide the product and just buy it. I followed the same exact here too in selecting the best desoldering station for myself and for you.

For electronics professional, beginners, or hobbyists, the best desoldering station I recommend is Hakko FR-301, and the best hot air rework is X-TRONIC XTR-4040-XTS. I just filter out many models and final get to these models. I suggest you must have both of them in order to do any kind of work in your lab with ease and professionalism. 

In rest of the article I talk about the cons and pros of these models.

The best desoldering station form Hakko (the FR-301)

Hakko is the most popular brand among the soldering stations manufacturer. They have many high quality products listed on their website. They all are amazing for their respective application.

I found this model the FR-301 very helpful when it comes to desoldering. It is gun. You just push the button and it automatically sucks the solder and leave the joint open. It is amazing. Have a look on it picture below.

desoldering station best for beginners and hobbyists people 2019

Isn’t amazing?

Why this model? 

  • This is ideal for through hole component desoldering
  • It is so easy to use, don’t need any manual to properly handle it
  • It feel so great and makes a low noise
  • Of-course, it is from famous and trust worthy brand
  • It is very easy to clean, just got the vacuum tube with filters

In summary, the model Hakko FR 301 (Amazon Link)  is very easy to use. Plug it into power, heat up so quickly. Put it on the legs of the components you want to desolder, push the button and see the magic. It can’t be more simple and easy than this.

The only bad side is it is not easy to desolder SMD with this cool gun.

Best desoldering station form X-Tronic (the XTR-4040-XTS)

Above station is good for through hole components. What if you are dealing with SMD. And of course you will do. There are many hot air rework, but I found this one the better among all I saw during my Internet research.

What makes it special?

  • Along with hot air gun you get a quality solder, which mean just using a sucker you can use this station for desoldering through hole components as well
  • It has nozzles for every application
  • It is not that expensive and got high quality stuff and features
  • The most cool part, you get 1 year fix/replace guaranty
  • Over-temps, short circuits and overloads protection

best desoldering station

Look at the picture! Isn’t cool, or I am the only person who thinks it is cool.

In summary, I like this model, the X-Tronic  XTR-4040-XTS (Amazon Link), too much and believe it worth your investment, and you well have happy desoldering at your lab.

But please be careful with it. When you don’t work please keep it off, it will increase it running life and you will be happy having it for many years.

Any other options available if you are a beginner?

Yes, there are many options available for you out there in market. It depends upon you requirements. Like you desolder small job with just solder sucker. It may be a great option for you if you don’t have high budget.

Final words on best desoldering stations

This is all I have to say about the best desoldering station. I recommend the products I personally believe and like. I try to put myself in shoes of a person looking for decent desoldering station.

For me brand is the first thing to look for and then the product features. I really don’t care for the price that much but never forget to compare it the other competitor brand. I follow the same strategy here too and try to give you the best station.

Hopefully, I have added some value in your research.

Thank you so much for reading and have a good life.

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