Yaman electronics


Yaman Electronics.

Yaman electronics is a dream of a young boy who has a strong passion for electronics. He has dedicated his entire life to help people with electronics. The word Yaman in Yaman electronics is the name the boy’s mother. Yaman is the only person on this planet whom he loves the most.

Yaman electronics is the journey of a university graduated who is knocked down by his surrounding. No one is welling to give him a job. And he is not too genius to pass the tests to get a job.

Yaman electronics is the path, the boy has choose to bring impact to this world.

Easy Learn and understand the concepts of advanced and basic electronics. Discover step by step guidelines to design your own electronics.

Learn how to design anything with us. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions, online guidance, and a vibrant maker community.

Here you will learn.

The basic electronics, in a way no one ever explained it to you.

Learn to design, all projects are explained in a simple and step by step so that nothing could be missed. And you get all the informations you deserve.

PCB design, PCB is the future of everything circuits in electronics. without PCB the beautiful electronics we see today would not be possible. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the boards that are used as the base in most electronics – both as a physical support piece and as the wiring area for the surface-mounted and socketed components. PCBs are most commonly made out of fiberglass, composite epoxy, or another composite material. For a better PCB board design you need a good PCB software. Altium is the only powerful software available in the market. Detail tutorials about Altium is present in a way no one has ever explained.  If you learned Altium I am sure you have a good freelancing career.


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