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The Insanely Best Resistor kits on Amazon in 2019 [Quick Guide]

Hi. Hope you are having a good life. Resistor is the basic component you will always need for your every electronics project. Its not wise if you are too much in into electronics and buy resistors according to each project need, it is just not very economical. The solution is to buy a whole resistor kit having different resistor values and full out the values, your project demands for. There are many good kits available in local market or on Amazon. In this post, I share my list of the best resistor kits on Amazon in 2019. Hopefully, this article will be useful to you.

The Best Resistor Kits in 2019

You just can not go fine with your project without it. Maybe there would be some circuits without resistors, but personally, I did not make any circuit without it. Following is the table which summarizes my list, if you don’t get it now I also provide a helpful content in the end of this article to help you get the kit best for you and your project.

But for a brief if you are in hurry, metal film resistors with a tolerance of 1% are the best available resistors. All of the best brands provide resistor assortment kit with the mentioned specification. All are the best and almost of the same price range.

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1. The Best Resistor Kit from Joe Knows Electronics

Joe Knows Electronics, from Las Vegas, is a popular brand for manufacturing electronic component kits. The brand provides a very good customer service. Customer service always a call away to assets you in your problems. Their products have got over 220 amazon reviews with 88% 5 stars.

Joe Knows resistor kits come in all popular power ratings i.e. 1/4W, 1/2W and 1W. Tolerance is very good which is 1%. The package consists of 86 different values of standard E12 from 0 to 10MOhm, which is very nice. The beauty of Joe Knows is each ohm value individually packaged (10 pieces) and neatly labeled for easy organization. You can also verify each value by comparing it the provided color code chart. For me, the good feature of this kit is its high quality extra thick copper lead wires. Because thick copper lead wires make it easy to work on a breadboard.

Joe Knows Electronics 1/4W 1% 86 Value 860 Piece Resistor Kit, is my first choice starter kit for electronics hobbyist, DIYers, and for every person who wants to invest their time in playing with electronics. 

2. The Best Resistor Kit from E-Projects

Like the Joe Knows Electronics, E-Projects is a popular brand for great customer services and designing quality electronic components. I placed it on number two spot because the resistors for E-projects are carbon film made which make them less accurate as compared to metal film resistors.

Their tolerance is 5% which is far more than Joe Knows Electronics. But one of the reviewer on Amazon wrote a great review on this point, “This is probably the best bang for the buck resistor kit I could find. It is well labeled and a great variety of values for hobbyists. Of course, this is not the military precision components, but I am not building a rocket anyway”.

The beauty of E-Projects resistor kit is its organized and labeled in 43 packages of 25 pieces each. Each resistor has got power rating of 1/4W, which is very good for low current and voltages. It is simple to just pull out any value of a resistor from the package and put it into a project. Though I recommend, you should verify every value by high accurate multimeter before placing it in your project.

If you do not have a multimeter at least verify it by color code which is here in the resistor kit.  It has got thick copper leads so you will have no problem in plunging it in breadboards (Stiff 24 gauge leads i.e. 0.022 inches, 0.55 mm) or working on PCB boards. All values follow the E16 standard and are perfect for PCB soldering and solderless plug-in breadboards.

E-Projects resistor kit is my second choice starter kit for electronics hobbyist, DIYers, and for every person who wants to invest their time in playing with electronics. I prefer it for people who play with Arduino boards and breadboards a lot in their free time. 

3. The Best Resistor Kit from Elegoo

Personally, If I want to have resistor kits, above are my choices. They are just perfect. The price and the quality are best and the brands are well known. But sometimes we really do not need a bunch of values or our budget does not allow us. I do not think the above resistor kits are of a high price. They are just too perfect like they are giving one resistor for one cent or less, which makes it worth investment for such quality.

Just like the other mentioned brands, Elegoo is famous for manufacturing hardware devices like robots, LED strip lights, remote controllers and much more. I personally believe me quality brands, the brands which a proven record in the industry.

Among the all best resistor kits on Amazon, Elegoo 17 Values 1% Resistor Kit Assortment, 0 Ohm-1M Ohm (Pack of 527) is very popular with overall 4.7 out 5 rating (87 customer reviews). It is a metal film made with a tolerance of 1% which is a very nice feature. Well labeled and organized with 17 different values and RoHS certification. It is best for people playing with Arduino. 

I am listing it here for my personal two reasons. The price is reduced as you have only 17 different values of resistor, which is fair enough. Secondly, the low price is just for less number of resistors and not for quality compromising. Elegoo produces high-quality products without any doubt.

My Recommended Best Resistor Kits on Amazon

Above best resistor kits on Amazon are all good and worthy investment. My personal recommendation is if you are a complete beginner to electronics then go with high power ratings and reasonable pieces. I am saying go with high power rating because at earlier stages in electronics you really can not understand what amount of current is flowing, or what are the real voltages.

In these situations, a high power rating will save you time and you will enjoy your success in electronics. And I am sure as you will invest your time in electronics one day you will be able to know what exactly type, value and rating resistor you want. Joe Knows Electronics also make high power resistor, I think 1/2W resistor kit will just fine for a beginner.

Parameters for the selection of resistors kits

It is always good to understand what type of resistor you need to buy. When I started to learn electronics. My strategy was to make a schematic of the circuit (which I found interesting). I tried to learn everything about the circuit in general, like which part is doing what?

After a complete understanding of the circuit, I used to go to the market and buy all the components. The big mistake I always made, without my realization, I just bought all the components without any concern for their current, voltage and power ratings. And guess what the component which burnt the first was always resistor.

I just burnt a lot of resistors along my way. With time my strategy of buying a couple of extra resistors, in case they burn out, was changed when I learned about resistor rating concepts. Following are some basic concepts you really need to know, I will explain the rest of the concepts along the post.

Power rating

I am sharing this because the best resistor kits on Amazon will use some of these terminologies. And I think you should know it your self to select the best possible one according to your requirements. I encourage to Google these terminologies in great detail for extra learning.  Moving on, usually, the most common power ratings for beginners are 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1W.

What 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 1W actually means?

These values simply represent the power ratings of a resistor. It is the warning sign to tell you not to exceed these power limits, else you will burn your device. The question is to how to know which power rating you need to buy. Let me explain it with some calculations below:

Power(P)=I^{2}R\\ \Rightarrow I=\sqrt{\frac{P}{R}}\\ Assume, \\ Power = \frac{1}{2}\\ and \, the\, resistor \, value=1k\Omega \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ then, \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ I=22mA

Now let’s check for voltage,

Power(P)=V^{2}R\\ \Rightarrow V=\sqrt{PR}\\ Assume, \\ Power = \frac{1}{2}\\ and \, the\, resistor \, value=1k\Omega \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ then, \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ \, \\ V=22.36 \simeq 23V

This means IkOhm resistor with 1/2W power rating can withstand a maximum of 22mA current and 23V voltage. If you exceed these limits, your resistor will burn out. So, be careful.

I hope this has made you think. If your circuit has current and voltage in the above range i.e. 22mA and 23V then you should pick the best resistor kits on Amazon with power ratings of 1/2W. Use the above formulas and calculate the maximum current and voltage ratings for the rest of power ratings.

Range of values

This is obvious, but I want you to pay attention here a little bit. Buy the kits which have a long range of values. Who knows what value you would need during a project.

Carbon composition or carbon film resistors

The carbon composition resistors are the best use for absorption of high transients for short periods. These are bulky resistors which are capable of absorbing high transients. Because of being bulky, and their tendency to produce a large amount of noise, they have lost their importance these days.

They find their applications in circuits where there is a need to absorb high transients and also in vintage radios. They were next modified in carbon film resistors with lesser noise levels. Carbon film resistors are smaller and are more stable.

Metal film or metal oxide film resistors

Metal oxide film resistors are composed of thin metal oxide layer deposited on ceramic conductors. These were derived from carbon film resistors with better performance. After these, came the metal film resistors with enhanced performance and much fewer noise levels. These are the standard resistors used these days with tolerance levels of 1% or 2%.

Wire wound resistors

These resistors are stable and can achieve very accurate resistor values hence are used in instrument testing and power applications. Some of them are even used with heat sinks to reduce heat.

Surface mount resistors

Surface mount resistors are the tiny resistors which take special care when using in a circuit. You have to solder it on PCB and you can not play with it using breadboards. But it is worthy to know about it and spend some time on it. Because as you learn and learn you will end on this resistor.

Final words

This is all that I want to write about the best resistor kit on Amazon in 2018. Hopefully, it has helped you in some way. Some of the links in the post are affiliate links. Which means if you buy these products through these links I will get some small commission. I will really appreciate it from my heart.

You can also check my other posts as well, which are basically the basics sources of this website income.

Thank you so much for reading and have a good life.

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